Day 42 of 72 : the church has a choice...

I sought God after finishing Breaking Free.  I'm not much of a second hand student and my appetite for studying His word myself has returned so this morning I rummaged through some old studies that I've had for years and picking up one that my hand was drawn to...sitting down on the bed and opening it up this was the memory verse and this is what He spoke and He's not let me go since...

"Break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord,

till He come and rain righteousness upon you."(Hosea 10:12).

I liken it to a being inside a twister of sorts and hanging all with all my strength but the sheer force of it begs me to let go and let it have its way with me...or like a torrid love affair that consumes all life and you just want to abandon yourself ... the words almost daring me.

Tiffini...are you the fallow field? are you?  what is fallow I dig today and tomorrow

these words are alive and they call out to one who has ears....they beg a choice and the more I heart is squeezed and wrung out

the church is a sleeping giant and I am in need of a plow are you?



beautiful phote here