Day 33 & 34 of 72 : your story lately

on days 33 & 34 I am " just being "  hurry is gone and I am just being in each moment.

My back went out again in a very big way yesterday.  I'm fighting discouragement.  I've had the last month or so of feeling so good.

I'm barely able to walk.   I need help and I don't like that very well.   I don't feel like writing.

Words are not there and I choose joy for loss of words!   Thanking Him because He has the plan.

Not me.  I don't want write words that aren't  from His heart to know what I mean?  So - I will wait.

If you have time I would love to hear from you...your story lately.
Do you write anytime or do you wait until you sense the Spirit moving you to write?

Linking up over at Jen's.  My heart is anticipating hearing God speak through so many beautiful women.

Won't you come listen?