Day 29 of 72 : finding your way out of the depths


You held out Your hand... I took it. It has been a quiet day after the holiday.  It's nice.   Not much to say today.  The words are mulling trying to find their way out. These words I've walked.  This is a description of people I want to know.  To walk beside.  To learn from. I call them wounded warriors. They are real people who share themselves whole-heartedly.  What is one reason I want to find my way out of the depths?

My children. Their Story.

Chelsee Reece Nikki

I want this not to be The End.  I want to help them write a different ending.

Grace Chelsee

It is worth saying is NEVER to late to start NOW.

I'm starting now.  I'm not going to believe the lie that it is to late.

Nikki Grace Chelsee

geez my hair was blond...

Chelsee Me

that they all growup to be oaks of righteousness...

Nikki Grace Chelsee Me


Grace Dakota


Why? So I can help them find their way....

**found old shutterfly albums...oh so sweet to look back isn't it?

if you are in the depths or someone you know is today...ask for help or help someone.  The depths can be a very lonely place.  Say an encouraging is always a blessing when we do.