Day 27/28 of 72 : weekend odds & ends

I pinned this key lime cupcake recipe on Pinterest...they looked so scrumtious I thought we'd whip up a batch for the 4th.  Looking at the recipe though - I really didn't have the time/ingredients to make the cupcakes so instead I bought the stuff for the frosting and we used Duncan Hines French Vanilla ... and girls...that frosting is heavenly! and easy.  Worth your time to make it!  and she whipped up a batch of devil's food to go along with it!  Put them in the refrigerator and let them get nice and cold...grab a glass of milk too:)

Nikki and I spent a few hours shopping and Nikki bought a Papaya purse ... I am having purse envy.  I am going to order myself one here as soon as I can.  Go take a peek..some I don't like but there are a few that are inspiring.  You know I am a word girl:)

I've always said my perfect husband would be Forrest Gump and I was not disappointed when I saw Larry Crowne this weekend.   Grace saw Monte Carlo ( the girls said it was a super cute movie ) and Transformers...she held her pee for 2 1/2 hours because she didn't want to miss a second of Transformers if that tells you anything about the movie:)


Grace and her best friend M have been on a waiting list for Kamp Kanakuk and today in my inbox was a little email that said...Grace can come to Kamp K! M is next on the waiting list and we are sure she will get an email soon!  PRAY pray PraY!:)  I just know God has something really special for them that week.

me and my silly girl

remember smoke bombs? I still love the smell.

Did you have some favorite memories from the weekend...some odds & or ends?:)