Day 25 of 72 : one thing...a bit of encouragement?

He takes me as I am...He uses those who are willing...just as I am...just as you are I've wanted to write since I was a little girl but I listened to these instead.

when I know how to write well, when I get out of this mess,

when I feel better about myself, when i am older...blah.blah.blah

He doesn't want to wait until I'm " there".  Until I've arrived!  Now seriously - this truth should make us begin today right?

I started writing my heart out on this blog.  It's nothing like the movies mind you;)  But I started writing.  I am doing one little thing toward one thing that I've always wanted to do.  And you know what? It feels pretty darn good.  And do you know what else? I've stopped listening so much to the lies. What about you? Is there just one thing you can do starting today to take one step toward making it become a reality tomorrow?

Staycation next week...lots of pictures coming! happy dance:)

Do that one thing today~



just a beautiful photo..i pinned it:)  see here