God’s Goodness And Unconditional Love ( a day late;)

Sorry girls!  I all but forgot Word Women Wednesday!  Having Monday off really threw me off but here it is a day late:)
Meet Jen.  She's a hands on gal.  The crafty kind. ... knitting, photography..you know:)  She is a breath of fresh air.  She is mama  to two kiddo's.  As a family they have a heart to provide hope and homes for African children.  They are currently on a break here in the states from ministering and living  in Africa.   Just like the rest of us she has on ongoing narrative.  A place where her heart breathes and she offers daily doses of refreshment to weary hearted mama's.  You can find her at her blog I Believe In Love and she writes for Today's Mama. Be sure to stop on over and give her a big ol hug!  OK?
The other day I set out for my morning walk by myself. This is rare.  Usually my husband is my company but this particular day it was just me, alone with my thoughts and a chance to chat with Jesus.  As I prayed for the day, I suddenly became overwhelmed to the point of tears with God's goodness and unconditional love for me.
I've been in an interesting season as I've seen several of my dreams unfold right before my very eyes.  I'm not a dreamer by nature.  It takes an effort of my will to set aside dream busters and dream without inhibition.  As I sat down to dream, I realized that it didn’t mean these dreams were necessarily going to happen or happen soon.  Imagine my surprise when opportunities started coming my way that were directly related to those dreams!
It has left me asking God, "Why??"  In a good way, but in a way like “God, how do I deserve to see my dreams fulfilled?” Sometimes my faults and imperfections seem to weigh down so heavy on me that it's hard to imagine such great things coming my way.  As I asked the question, "Why?" I felt God saying, "Because I love you..."  Tears spewed, and my mind drifted to my own kids.  Yes, they frustrate me at times but that never changes my unconditional love for them.  I want to give them good gifts, just as God wants to do that with us.  It's not because we somehow deserve them but simply because of His overwhelming love for us.
So many times I am completely in awe of the depth of God's love.  Will I ever truly understand it?  Maybe in heaven.  Until then, it drives me to pursue God even more passionately!
Happy Thursday-