Days 8 & 9 of 72 : the time between Friday and Monday

Grace and her friends spent an evening washing cars. Remember those days?  I do.  My grandma would pay us to wash her blue Monte Carlo. They are working for money to go towards their clubhouse Hido Jo.

God knows I have been on a journey of being the woman that I am instead of the little girl that I feel like.  Pinterest has got me pinning outfits that I see myself least via computer.  This weekend at Marshall's I was determined to find some heels that I love-were comfortable-and that didn't make me feel like....well....inappropriate.  For whatever reason -  I don't wear heels because I feel like a not nice girl.  It is hard to explain.  Not any longer!  I have been intentionally letting God work on this area of my life.  I LONG to feel and look like a woman.  Well - these beauty's spoke to me in all three areas.

I struggled for a bit with the price but I finally caved.  I love these!  I wore them on Saturday when we all went to lunch.  Yes - I felt all the usual feelings but I did it anyway with much assurance I looked perfectly fine! They are Kanna shoes and let me tell you - if you find them at Marshall's buy them!  They are made in Spain and to die for!

Tara wrote a post as well as Linsey...two of my gals and so I thought I would blurb about it : it is addicting if you let it.  I just started pinning because we are moving on July 28.  We got to move back the date a month...sigh:)  This is a place where I can put all of my inspiration for remodeling.  Als0 - I love seeing what all of my girls are pinning.  I have more I want to follow I just have to make time.  You know how it is.  Go check it out!  Hint:  Just give yourself only so long and then get up;)  Here is my Pinterest and by the weekend Nikki is going to make me a little Pinterest button for the blog and finish the summer little heart is so excited!

Saw this on my friend Diana's Pinterest and just had to have it!  This is SO applicable in so many ways!

Grace did a photo shoot for Nikki. Her eyes are speaking aren't they?

FYI - I did finally do some housework;)

Pray for Gabi please.  Tomorrow is her surgery.

Well - that is a bit about my weekend what about yours?