Days 12-15 of 72 : a lapse in jumping

1, 2, 3 JUMP...but I know the water is cold.  Hesitation.  She looks for her friend that is usually there to jump with her.  The eyes of blue..that I look into to see pieces of me..ask and I say, " You can do it!"  She inhales as she pulls the goggles down over the eyes of blue...that I look into to see pieces of me..

the breathe exhales slow and her feet are on releve and I count again 1, 2, 3 and she JUMPS

and I don't

I'm wondering if during this lapse in time God could use to bring forth an even greater harvest?

" Just as surely as the Kingdom of God prospers when we are steadfast in Him, so do our own hearts

and minds.  God will never send us into the valley and ask us to bow

to His authority there without sooner or later bringing a harvest from the ground

watered by our sweat and tears." Beth Moore..Breaking Free

The lapse has a purpose.  I am learning to unlearn.  The biggest lesson right now for me is to trust...confide in...feel confident and secure in the One who is counting 1, 2 ... He waits patiently for me and I am hearing Him say more clearly than ever, " You can do it!" I  have some baggage to be healed.  Tomorrow is about some healing!

Sorry for the pause in posting:) We've been swimming, doing a little shopping, hanging out with family on Father's Day.

We saw Mr. Popper's Penguins, did some walking, BBQing, ate some sushi and so forth...but regular posting will resume:)

Are you one who likes to gradually get used to the water?
Or are you a jumper?
Have you found the lapses have yielded greater blessing
than if it had all been given at once?




Hoping to link to Jen @ Finding Heaven tonight.  Last week I got busy and forgot..ugh!  Please come visit the girls.

I love them all!