Day 6 of 72 : sometimes


“He’s fighting for your heart, and He’s going to win. He’s a man of war, and He’s going to win.”

via katespadeny

sometimes we don't live to see the whole purpose for our lives...our children do.  Have you ever thought about that?  I may not see the bigger picture...just like David and Solomon.  The fulfillment maybe in my children's/grand children's lifetime.  This thought brings some peace.

sometimes God speaks to us even when when we have run...Moses fleeing the country and living as a foreigner in the land of Midian.  God spoke to him through the burning bush.  He was in the habit of talking/listening all day long.  He noticed the bush:)  That I may notice the bush.

sometimes you can look in the windows of a house that is under construction and live to tell about!  Today I did.   I stepped out of the boundaries I set for myself and stepped into the boundaries God wants to give me....they are much much bigger than my own I fear:).

sometimes God speaks and I hear and I do the hard obedience.  Because my heart wants what He wants for me...It is like my eyes were the same place as I left off.  I believe He wants me to learn something that I didn't learn earlier.  We are picking up where we left off aren't we Father...and I smile.  He loves me so.  I heard yesterday.  I wept with tears of joy..and I wrote the email and hit send before I could think about it.

This Thursday I have peace.

Have you ever heard God speak and it was uncomfortable to obey but you did anyway?
what happened if I may ask?

Ending the day with frozen yogurt...had a restful day with my best friend at the pool.  Watching our children play.  Today I have joy~