Day 3 of 72 : mundane mommy who still smiles:)

The hard lesson of this Monday: Mommies do the mundane, everyday life things even when their minds and hearts are hurting.  And they do it with a smile.

( I wanted to get Grace that striped beach towel and it is sold out!  I think they may have had it in pink also? )

grieving, analyzing, and 100 degrees has me in its grip on Monday.   The first day of the week.  The 3rd day of 72.

I do the mundane everyday mommy things: grocery shopping, taking the kids swimming, baking brownies, grilling turkey burgers for dinner, Grace and I cut up potatoes to roast.  I go through the motions but my mind. my heart is far from the mundane. the everyday.  I'm laughing that people say we are the picture perfect couple.  a " perfect family " .  If nothing else you take away from today's words...please take this.  Looks are very deceiving.  In churches across our country sit families broken on the inside.  Wounds, scars, and bruises the naked eye cannot see.    But the God who sees everything does.  I silently ask again...what am I missing?

opening my Bible this morning I was convicted to spend more time praying...not a boring list of to dos with God but real focused time just pouring out my heart.  and then listened.  I thought it the most important thing I needed to do today.  I'm never sure what the day will bring and I wanted to be ready.

Things I want to remember today:

listening to Grace give me advice

talking to Dakota's coach

looking into my son's eyes before he went to football practice

baking brownies with Grace

talking with my friend at the pool...for 3 hours!

as I write...Grace is talking to me with a mouthful of brownie. and a white bow in her hair. and the birds are singing and the sun is setting.

and yes...we're burnt.


I'd love to know what constitutes a lazy summer day for you!

what is your summer holding so far?
swimming...getting burnt?:)  BBQ's, camping,
are you grieving, analyzing things..maybe to much?
do you ever have those days?  what helps you?
smelling like the bbq grill~