Day 24 of 72 : Do you dare..a challenge



my heart waters have been stirred with His hand ... and the smell is sweet beneath my nose and I lift it up to sip..slowly..savoring it on the buds of my tongue before swallowing.  The heat rushes down until it hits my belly.  And this is where these words sit..ready to be digested into tiny microscopic pieces to be used for my good and His glory...

if there should arise ONE UTTERLY BELIEVING MAN/WOMAN, the history of the world might be changed

i ask you quietly and oh so humbly ...barely audible to the ear

as i dare ask myself

will you be that woman Tiffini

do you the secret place with Him today...

do you dare to trust...wholly?

do you dare?



I was perusing the other day and happened upon the lovely blog of Into Vintage...go check out her Etsy store...sweet as pie!  The colors I find myself drawn into lately..bright-cheerful-full of live!