Day 20/21 of 72 : "S"napshots of a weekend photo shoot

sno sunglasses with smiles... sums up our weekend. 

Grace's inner Steve Urkel graced us with "her" appearance while her sister Nikki tried squeezing in " spur of the moment" photo shoot.

Nikki - the child I had when I was but a child...never ceases to amaze me with her gift of seeing through a lens.  ( Obviously - she did not get from me ;)

She confessed to me last week that she :cringes: when she sees photos that I post ... and my editing of them:)

I'm a good sport though...I know I have a long way to go and lots to learn

This fall/winter I would LOVE to take a class or two on photography.  I could easily become addicted!  Do you love photography?

I keep telling her she should really get into her photography again...what do you think?:)  Here are just a few... 



 Remember our tadpoles here?  Where the simple summer they are now up close and personal. 

The blog design is coming along...sorry for the changes over the last two weeks.  Another week and we shall be done:) 

Happy Monday~