Day 18 of 72 : taking time

"Sometimes I think that we waste our words, we waste our moments
and we don’t take the time to say the things that are in our hearts when we have the chance."


from the bottom of my heart

a depth I cannot even speak words to..

thank you..I thank God for each one of you that He has handpicked for

us to walk together.

I can't even tell you how He brings you to my mind..that I have friends all

over.  That when I have a need you are there.  It is a dear gift and one I am mindful of


Always know I am an email away and I surely would never mind to pray for you

or just talk.

Praying He lay His hand of blessing on your head
and know He is ever before and behind and on either side of you.

With the warmth and water and not as many time restraints it is funny how

we find ourselves with even less time.  I know I am.  I am enjoying the last summer

and I SO miss getting by each of your

places...I feel guilty because I want everyone of you to know I care.

**Nikki is busy working on the blog so I am sorry for all of the changes.  I really want to

find "me" and leave it for awhile.  We are off tonight to beauty hunt for pictures for the header..

wish us luck:)


walking with you~