Day 17 of 72 : three letter word

Everyone who believes in Him is freed from all guilt and declared right with God.

Acts 13:39

the little three letter word.  all. what if I trusted that three little word and then lived the rest of my life in that truth?

Do you think my life would be different?

You see - 18 or so years ago I made a choice that forever changed my life and the lives of my children.

A choice that was so opposite who I was up until that moment.  She had died.  My whole world came crashing down and I didn't

have one to hold onto.  I didn't know Jesus enough to hold onto to Him at that time

and I have been carrying that guilt around with me all of these years. Until today.

Father - I just bend my knee to You today and thank you that you have already taken the guilt away.  I have keep myself tangled in it.

I have allowed myself to be treated certain ways, lived in ways and punished myself for that choice all of these years.  And while some

can try to make me feel guilty or manipulate me with it - the truth is I am set free.  I've confessed and repented not from its consequesnces but from the choice itself.

From this day forward I can live in perfect peace and when those feelings come I can just throw them away because they are not from You.


Fill my empty places today with Your beauty. Thank you that my mind can rest in perfect peace when I choose to trust in You.  I am choosing to be still and trust that you are the voice in the middle of this storm and you have a way and in Your timing I will know which way to walk because You will tell me.  And I love this verse.." because Your promises are backed by all the honor of Your name."...Psalm 138: 2

Have you walked around carrying guilt that He has already removed?
choosing to trust~