Day 11 of 72 : growing pains & a lemonade stand

  boy... 72 days of blogging...11 days in.

and I believe I am experiencing growing pains...i am...growing in faith.  really?  all of this.  years of this. just growing my faith?

because years ahead He knew what was coming...maybe?

The girls are busy bee's with pen and paper scribbling down ways to make money for their clubhouse.  Today's scribble became a reality.

Nervously..expectantly she watches as a car comes toward them.

I .. a week and one half into settled ... now have been stirred.  I too - expectantly believe.

Squeels of glee their eyes shining... say to mommies watching on... we made another 1.00!

and as my soul and flesh wrestle..once again awakened to reality

I am faced again with the biggest choice ... the biggest leap of faith I have ever been asked to make

the choice of bread with strife or poverty with peace

and this sweet little guy says..take my picture and I can't help but be drawn in by his zest for life

where does that childlike faith go?

Life moves on in the midst of lemonade stands.  Child like faith believes.

For this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says:  There will always be plenty of flour and oil left in your containers until the time

when the LORD sends rain and the crops grow again!"  I Kings 17:14

Do I believe He is big enough and the real question is do I trust Him

to supply the flour and oil?  He says the crops will grow again...

there is a way... I say


do you find times in your life when the growing pains
are pains of faith?  where your faith is being stretched?
did you ever build a lemonade stand as a child?