Day 10 of 72 : addictions are only empty places?


I think addictions are only empty places.  Places of craving that we seek to quiet with things man makes.

things men make for man still leaves empty and in need of more = addiction


We talked alongside the road last week and with all that

was within me I prayed for You to fill the empty places..I confessed my putting people, things...even myself trying to fill

places You designed for only You to fill.

every day since You've filled the empty places. i'm falling in love with You... anew.

in You i have all i will ever really need.  for this journey...the co-mingling of my choices and Your plan.

You love me enough to lay down your life for me.  i only have to read your words to hear

Your love for me.

i want You to be my Man.  my heart all aflutter and I can't seem to stop it from overflowing.


In You I am enough~