Would you please help Gabi?

  by chipping in whatever you can - to raise the money needed for an Ipad 2 for Gabi?


The ipad 2 has the camera so she can skype her family and friends, play games and give her a portable way to give her something to do. But more than this it gives us a tangible way to let Gabi and her family know we are loving them...supporting them.  Always in prayer but also in deed.

Here is Gabi's Caringbridge so you can keep up with her journey.

You can click here to register for the 5k run on May 21 to to support her family and assist with gas and any other costs they may need assistance with as they stand strong with Gabi.

Its easy to "chip in"  for the ipad 2.  Just click on the " chip in" button on the right of my sidebar.  It ends on June 5th.  The sooner we can raise the money - the sooner we can put the ipad 2 in her hands.  We are so excited to be able to give Gabi her gift!   A gift wrapped in love from hands and hearts from all over the country.  A sincere thank you for praying, loving and being His hands and feet.