Word woman Wednesday & Linkup

Today I asked myself, " what makes me really like someone's blog?"
well, silly it is the person behind the blog. Their heart.
Just like in real life you just " connect " with another..an instantaneous knowing
They give something to you by just being them.
I am beyond excited to share Suzanne from Privet & Holly.  We were brought
together through Becky @ Farmgirl Paints (( hugs:) )  You know what?  She is going to be
a long time friend of mine.  She even has coffee with me...;)
Please go visit.  You will appreciate her unique style and her ability to draw you in with
her word weaving and her heart to find beauty in the small things { and I'm all about beauty lately }
This is going to bless your socks of while making you think long and hard to when
you were a little girl.

Meet Suzanne from Privet & Holly


Thank you to the amazing Elma Claassen on Flickr!

I stepped outside my children's school the other day, into the sunshine.  I was parked quite far away from the front door and I found myself wanting to.....run! I was feeling happy and the birds were chirping and I had a a lot of stops to make on my way home.  "I should just run to my car, " I thought.  "It will save time." Which led me to ponder this question:

When do we stop running?

Not for exercise or to save time, but just for the joy
of movement, of propelling oneself headlong
into the great wide world?
The next day I was again at school.

It was dismissal time and another beautiful afternoon.

Groups of younger children clustered on the school  lawn,

chasing each other, skipping, hopping and....running.
With exuberance, abandon and complete lack of self-consciousness.

When do we stop running?

When we leave grade school?  Before?  After?

When does running as part of our DNA turn into something else?
Do you remember?

I had a birthday recently and I turned.....

Well, let's just say the two digits add up to 12.

Hint:  I’m not 84 or 66, yet.

{Ah, to be 12 again.  Was I still running at 12?}

Every day I wake up with the knowledge
that my time on this planet
is finite.

I want to cram as much loving and learning and living

into each 24 hours as I possibly can.

This year, I will run!
One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.

-Helen Keller


I need to read this over and over.   To wake up each day thankful and aware that we are only given so much time.  Thank you Suzanne for your framing our lives today with your reminder to LIVE LIFE RUNNING!  Now - if you have a post to share please link it up below.  I will leave it open until Thursday at midnight.  Starting new week I will be sending out a writing prompt for each WWW....maybe Writing Prompt Word Women Wednesday...lol!  OK...of you go.  Take time today to really see what is around you.  I love each and everyone of you.  Thank you for posting and for linking up and for encouragement and for your prayers.  They are all valued.