what I am about this spring "list" & a writing prompt

Pain is a tool ( Amy :)..and it is driving me to restore my dreams when as yet I'm not sure what in the world that will look like.  If I don't start putting some action in the right places I will find myself in this exact same place this time next year. here are some of my " right actions "

to talk to God more ...with no plan.  Wait for Him to show up.  Relax

to still workout to the best of my ability..even if I just walk ( explain more later)

to try new ways of eating to see if my health improves

to spend time LOVING the grand babies...( see below:)

plant a garden ( if it doesn't rain to much we are planting this weekend )

make a rain barrel

to choose joy about where He has me right now

to look at alternative ways to deal with my Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis

to home school this year...( praying )

delving into inspiration rooms as we get to give the house we are moving into a total makeover

planning our summer of free things to do around town

putting up a clothesline when we move

continue to keep things in my life that are simple


to try new things..go new places ( like this new dress I made myself get...out of comfort zone )

making a summer reading list..here for a few I've added

visiting the Farmer's Market ...often

making homemade bread from here for the first time

Best gluten free bread recipe with no rice flour or milk

taking more pictures of nature.  More and more I am drawn to nature.  I am really excited to participate in Bible Dude's In God's Backyard

this is just a sampling of what God has been showing me that I am to be about right now.  All of this I am going to blog about.  I am just going to go way out of my comfort zone and see what happens!  Why not?:)  As my new friend Suzanne penned about the track of life and really- we don't know how long we have and I want get to the end and have no regrets. I can choose to sit and make excuses as to why this or that but I don't want to.  I want to live each and everyday I have left to the best I can that day.  Even though physically I'm a mess...if I let go of what used to be or what I want and just embrace what is...just maybe God can live through me the way He wants.  After all...it is for such a time as this that Esther was called...

if we sit really still and listen -  I think you can hear Him calling too...

::Word Woman Wednesday Writing Prompt::

Here is the writing prompt for this Wednesday's Linky Party. Feel free to participate and share the prompt with friends.  I am going to post a prompt every Monday when I linkup to Jen's.  I will have the post up on Wednesday morning at 12:01 a.m. and leave it open until Thursday at midnight. Ok..see below for the prompt.

What is God showing you through your life/trials right now?

Little or big!  Ok girlies...lets get to writing!

Also - the week after Wednesday May I would like to do a recipe linkup. One that will get us started off to a swimsuit ready summer;);)..what do you think?  I am looking for some new recipes and I'm sure you all have a favorite?   Maybe a family favorite for BBQ get togethers.  A favorite dessert or a fun snack idea for the kiddos?  Even the writing bloggers cook right?:)

sharing this post with friends at Jen's SDG tomorrow...come with me and visit won't you?

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