the dying places...

Today, have faith that places that seem to be dying places...God means to bring forth life.  Ann Voscamp

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as I sit here in quiet  morning looking out at the saturated trees of green against the backdrop of the blue sky.  the prayers of the saints that He already knows ... and how I wish I could always remember them all and always say the right words to Him ... the word He reminded me off last night that I just HAD to find and I did, and in Psalm 104:2 it says You are dressed in a robe of light and I am left undone in Your precense...


it is You and me and tears are my words of love spilling into the hands that are holding me. Not tears of sadness but tears of joy that God brought life out of Jesus death.  It is in the dying that new life begins to form.

is it me that is dying? my heart being so tender that His dew sits on top seeping into my soul soil?

often i want to really see when i ask for faith and often i want the things of this world more than i want You and I often ask in ungratefulness and am full of anger and bitterness and coming into the light that... exposes....the I wants.  When there is no human way out - are You able..when You say stand and see and faith calls us out into the unknown to be tested ... You turn the soil over... and drop in a healthy seed.  If new life comes out of us dying... it comes like the rising always does, unexpected, when you turn and you’ve got spices for a burial and He says your name and the gardener’s actually God and He means to grow you ..{ excerpt from Ann Voscamp post }

wrapping all my heart today in praise...hand tied with strings of love and offered to the only One who can bring life out of open my eyes to the places that seem like dying places...God means to bring forth life.

do you have stories about seemingly dead places that God brought life out of?