swell coconut bikini's w/bread & a book

  to make the toes feel like summer...OPI's new summer color...teeny weeny pink bikini.

here I talked about making homemade gluten free bread remember?  Well - after pricing the ingredients I wasn't so sure.  Rudi's gluten free bread now has Grace's stamp of approval.

today I visited our library and they had 2010 magazines for free.  I took the last three Better Homes and Gardens. Who wouldn't right?  Might as well see what they have to read since I have a summer reading list that I am building on.  I haven't heard anything about either book but I liked the titles...I love reading inspirational writings.

Do you have a Payless Shoesource by you?  I don't ever shop there but when I saw a commercial last night with adorable sandals that would look cute with sundresses..yes I did say dress..I had to go. They come in mustard yellow, white, hot pink and turquoise.  They only had black in my size:(  I will be a Payless Shoestore stalker until I have every color!


Can you smell them?  My oldest daughter brought them home from the farmers market on Saturday.


Two favorite songs as of late

Broken by Lifehouse

One Day YOU Will by Lady Antebellum {from my best friend L}


Raw Cold Pressed Coconut oil...our new facial cleanser and moisturizer!  Besides smelling like coconut freshly picked it is changing our skin around here.  Did I mention you can use it for chapstick?  You can..and don't worry if it get in your mouth.  its edible.


this pillow...right.  I made it. Life is Swell.  Don't know if life is swell yet but our weekend sure was:)

It turned out to be a SWELL weekend.

what makes your weekend swell?
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