smooth stones of beauty

on Your wonderful works, I will meditate...after the bloom

kinda like a lovesick school girl I have been lingering long ... meandering His beauty that just beckons me to come.  everywhere I look I see the tiniest creature that scurries about for its food to the bird without a single care as it sits perched on wood rail taunting me with its freedom to fly unshackled from angst  to the silhouette of newly formed leaves against the backdrop of hombre reds, oranges and yellows of leftovers the orb that You faithfully cause to rise and set each day...and I can't stop beauty hunting.  It pursues & consumes my time..more than blogging...more than all of the "life" that is waiting all around me.  I know one cannot live forever in this place and let go of life but what if I can begin to release the bricks and pick up smooth stones of beauty that You are showing me every. single. day and begin the outward process of rebuilding my "seemingly" dying place into a heart house of beauty that only comes from spending time with eyes of spirit instead of eyes of flesh?  oh please open my eyes again today to your beauty

the bricks have fallen down, but I will rebuild with smooth stones;

the sycamores have been cut down, but I will replace them with cedars...Isaiah 9: 10

have you been beauty hunting as of late?


We will be having Word Woman Wednesday this week with a linkup...maybe share something about when you were a little girl? A writing prompt;)  I will keep it open until Thursday at midnight to give you some extra time.  I always enjoy childhood stories don't you?  to be more childlike in our faith...looking forward to Wednesday.  I am looking forward to visiting today.  I have some downtime.  A gift for me today is it is going to be 95 degrees.  Outside my window is sun and life and I am basking in it as I spend time with all of you today.   I pray He meets you ...right where you are.

praying to see,



sharing with my friends over at Finding Heaven...please won't you come?