paula's russian princess & word woman wednesday Linky Party

Hello everyone!  Hope you are enjoying this Wednesday.  We've had two days of vibrant crystal blue skies and I have loved watching the green leaves brush the sky when I peek out the window.  I am tickled beyond words to share Paula with you.  She is..

a prayer warrior

a treasure...the real deal

a joy chooser..even when its hard

a God lover

and she doesn't have a blog.  Until she does I am humbled to share her story here from time to time..and she has LOTS to share that will both challenge you to seek Him and call you to choose joy even when its hard.  If you would be so kind to leave your comments for her below - I'm sure she will peek in:) Please meet my friend...Paula & her beautiful daughter Olevia!


After 3 miscarriages, one tubal pregnancy(more about that later) and two big-o boys of 10 and 13, this little brown eyed girl from Russia caught my eye.

I was in a Bible study with my friend Holly, who also has biological and children from Russia, when she mentioned this little princess from Russia.  My response...I'm done, are you crazy, my boys are 10 & 13! All the time my heart was racing.

I got home and she called and asked me to go to lunch and help her at the adoption agency volunteering with some extra paperwork. I was a nervous wreck the entire night and next morning until I got there, God moving you think?! We walked into the office with all of the pictures of the kids and such.  I walked over to the desk, picked up this picture of a little girl in a yellow dress with a big white bow in her hair with the biggest brown eyes and said "oh my goodness Holly, this is my Olivia."  I turned the picture over to show Holly and she said, "that is the little girl that I was telling you about yesterday."

We looked at the name and it was Olesia. That name would translate to Alyssa in American name which would absolutely not work for us because our oldest was in a playgroup as a younger child and a little girl named Alyssa was in it with him.  She would always spit on him and it drove him crazy and was just nasty!  Besides we always wanted an Olivia.  So, in order to keep her heritage we changed the "s" to a "v" and we have Olevia and she just corrects everyone the rest of her life.

This July will make 14 years that we have been blessed with her as our daughter.  Would we do it all over again, in a heartbeat!!  Would I relive 4 miscarriages, 1 tubal pregnancy to get my precious Russian Princess - Absolutely! Through this process, God blessed our lives in so many ways.  He taught us more patience, obedience, tolerance of another government.

Our Family Verse is II Timothy 1:7

For God didn't give us the spirit of timidity but the spirit of power of love and of self control.

You can use this verse in every circumstance in your life that you encounter if you put it into be continued!

**********Linky Party Info**********

Have you ever experienced had that happen to you? One of those God things?  where everything just came together and left you dazed and confused?:) in a good way?  Has God put a little Olevia in your life?  If so - please feel free to share in the comments below OR link up a post OR if you wrote something for our writing prompt " What is God teaching/showing you in your life circumstances/trials right now ?"  I can't wait to read what has been on your hearts will be talking to you soon. Now off to my babies .. yes my last child.  Baby number 5's 5th grade graduation.  Yes - I am going to wear a dress...ugh.  I feel like a fish out of water when I wear dresses do you?

Happy Wednesday...and don't forget to say Hello to Paula & Join the Linky Party will you:)  It will be open until Thursday @ midnight.