write it on a cuff


The next best thing to a tattoo.  I'm a late bloomer in the blogging world because everyone knows Becki from Farmgirl Paints. When Becki guest posted for me I got her..her heart.  Her words are contagious.  You always are spoken to when visiting.    Becki is not trying to be something she's not, not trying to compete at any expense.  She is a real girl sharing her real life.  I value that.  I relate to that.    She is living out the dreams that God has placed in her heart and she calls us to join her in searching the soul.    With integrity, with attention to the little things like this cuff she crafted just for ME!


A couple of months ago this verse jumped out at me.  To get to the point it was as if God was saying....Don't try to " understand" just believe and you will see the glory of God.  I've always had to or wanted to understand things.

I wear it everyday.  I wear it as a daily reminder.  It is so much more special because I love the lady behind the cuff.  The one that crafted it with love and thought of me as she did so.  I was so in love with the packaging that I wanted to share some of it as well.  She is a joy and I would love it if you all would visit and her and perhaps have a cuff made with a word or verse that has spoken to your heart in this season of life.

It's the little things that mean the most.

I have a deep soul sister that I love.  One who encourages me with words and scripture and just speaks to the deepest pains in my heart.  She is going through her own health issues right now and I would love it if you would pray for courage and strength for her and if you feel so led...would you send her an email and encourage her @ paulaschaffin@gmail.com?

Lord, help us to see that our well-being is inextricable bound to the well-being of our neighbor.  Our sorrows are shared.  Our longings are shared. Our fears are shared.  Enable us also to share compassion, patience, and courage today.  Amen.  ( Common Prayer)


Happy Monday