things that make me FEEL GOOD! - just some ideas for you


Shopping is a fleeting happy...these things you can breathe them in deep ... grafting them into your soul for the making of wholeness...

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Things that make me FEEL GOOD! – Just some ideas for you :)

-Writing @ Coffee Shops

- Eating FroYo with my fav toppings - strawberries, chocolate chips and waffle cone pieces

-smell of the air after rain

-kissing baby lips

- spending real present time with God

- Being silly with friends & family:)

- Sleeping in a tent under the stars

- Big Hugs from my kids

- walking around at the farmer's market

- Watching the sun rise & set...especially at the beach

- going to sleep looking at the moon

- Curling up with a good book

- Putting my feet in the sand

- Listening to some good tunes

- Enjoying a coffee

- Laughing so hard it hurts...the funniest is when you pee..ever had that happen?

-happy endings to real life stories

-smell of coffee brewing

-my favorite says insanity on the front and dig deeper on the back.  I could wear it everyday.

-having my hair brushed...esp. by 3/4 year olds:)

continuing to unclutter my life by giving all of the longings inside to Him...intentionally choosing to delight in the daily gifts...the little things that make my day brighter.  I then offer them back to Him...gifting Him with my delight.

if your so moved to leave one thing...maybe two things ...  that make you feel good that you could offer up today as a gift?

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