the day that turns 42 into 43

The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.
Louisa May Alcott
for a day that turns 42 into 43 the creator's creation was all singing the sun up bright and i kneel and give thanks


or gifts aimed right smack dab into the middle of a mama's heart

Son told dad he said he knew exactly what i want to get me..every time she goes to the mall she sprays it on AND the other one whispered out of a hurt heart that I didn't get to pick the gift out so writing my heart in green and putting in 1.00 from my savings.  if you know grace that was generous:)

This is the candle I have been lighting every morning in thanksgiving.  I have been doing the Trail to the Tree from Ann Voscamp and she said somewhere in there about lighting a candle.  I have been practicing this and it has helped me to focus my thoughts first thing to thanksgiving.  The story behind the candle is a reason for thanksgiving in and of itself.

Grace & Evan enjoying their yogurt..

for tart frozen yogurt with strawberries, waffle cone chips & a heaping spoonful of chocolate chips

Ugly beautiful ... sometimes we are in the midst of ugly and we have to purposefully look for the beauty even when we don't feel like it. Ever been in a season like that? I can share with you from experience that beautiful things really will and do happen when I've begun to trust God.  More on this another time because I used to think I was trusting God and I would have argued anyone that said I wasn't.  But I wasn't.

for daughter's knowing how I adore peanut butter cups when choosing..and I ate every last bite...even after I ate all my yogurtini...yikes! I'm not getting on the scale anytime soon.

this gift..I love. I am not a jewelry wearing girl either.  I'm basic..almost plain.  I don't like drawing attention to myself with big earrings, bracelets & necklaces but when I fall in love with is hard and forever.  I LOVE my watch.

I'm NOT a perfume wearing girl..I like lotion.  Why?  I haven't ever been able to find a smell that is ME.  I used to wear Eternity 15 years ago until morning sickness made me stop.  To this day the smell still makes me want to throw up. This smell makes me feel powerful!

this is taped to my back door...her heart colors words for me as visible reminders to live by

for the choice of nori or soy..i choose soy

for black that is slowly turning to color

for the incense of saint sisters praying on our behalf and the answers falling down like rain

for an upcoming year of fabulous...even when putting on foot infront of the other on a bed of cracked dirt...

the gift of learning to live out of the secret treasures of darkness

for my sweet soul sister who listens to my rawness all jumbled & takes me for a pedicure and makes me choose what to do..and we did and it was good

On one of my memorial stones is written 43 and laid it down in rememberance.  a stone   on this crossing over...the 42 has stopped running..going from running away to running to love..falling in love with as many things as possible..running to the only One who doesn't run

here's to years time     life is good

A new friend to me is Joybird who is chronicling Late to Lent.  I also am loving the depth of Kelly's heart...I see pieces of my own daily struggle in the midst of her words.  I happened upon Farmhouse from Kelly that I found through Emily's @ Imperfect Prose.  So I have met many new friends this last week.  Praying you see all the gifts He is giving you this on  my way to shower and go take some photo's of our towns Art & Crafts Fair to submit to the paper...scary!