spending a few days pausing ...

I have made our trail to the tree devotional and weekly gratitude journal's

Enjoying bubbles

slowly growing...our giving jar we started here ( this post is blurry from switching to Wordpress from Blogger)

Engaging girlies feet...ballet feet they are.

Giving my body some grace...praying to regain some strength.  It is just not happening on my  eucharisteo yes?  If I'm feeling up to it we are going to the Farmer's Market for Earth Day on Saturday and I am hoping to get some pictures to share with you.

21 days of prayer for sons ... I am pushing forward.

Do you ever have times when He's calling and you must go? want to go more than anything in the world?  I want to run and never leave.  I wonder if that is how Moses felt when he was up on the mountain with God?  those are the high moments...the hills..mostly we walk in the valleys and it is the hill time that pushes the soul.  The lover pursues...


until Monday,




If ever you have something God has placed on your heart to share with others on a Word Woman Wednesday please feel open to shoot me an email at OK?