it's in the choosing

Lately, I'm wanting to eat junk,  stay in bed and throw the covers over my head, thinking I'm fat, fighting not to listen to the lies whispered in my ear, looking more of what I don't have than what I do have, I'm not praying enough, laundry piling high, deadlines, unknown answers, not wanting to exercise and it is a fact of life that the other shoe really does fall. when it rains it pours. and oftentimes things don't ever change.

I just want to have a big ol' pity party


but I choosing not to at least not today.  He's told me to station myself and stand and that I don't have to fight this battle.  He will. and I'm just a teensy bit unsettled about this.  I'm used to doing SOMETHING.  but I want to trust Him.  He desires me to.

I've got lots of things to share with you all.  I can't wait to go visit everyone.  I've got a story brewing, pictures of grand babies to share, a cuff that I have been wearing everyday that I LOVE, my shop...but lots of life happening so I am just letting things be. but I am watching.

hands giving back in thanks that I can choose to change. Do you ever go through times where you have to be intentional in not falling into self pity?  or the battle intensifies when our hearts really desire God?

Please pray for Gabi Tomorrow she begins her second round of chemo.  She's a fighter.  You can click on her picture up there in the right hand corner to read more...thank you thank you for your comments on moving.  They keep me moving forward.  Glenda - I got trash bags today:)

I am sharing words and heart with the SDG girls over at Finding Heaven....

Finding Heaven