Dear Monday...the time between morning & night


i think he will laugh but instead he tells me he loves me the way i am. hearing those words is like being handed flowers.
— David Levithan, ‘smoking’ from ‘The Realm of Possibility’

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Is there a dark night of the soul? If there is I've been in one for the last 5 years.  The last months I've been hearing again and it is the little things like this...

the cricket and the birds sing praise to the Son rise...the time between the night and the morning and I am an audience of one as they sing their song to the One and I am there..I am present. watching silently as they praise their Creator..I am privy and I can't help but want more of them... of Him and their heart joins and I give it back as gift to Him. Can 13 or more years go by before a word spoken begins to come to pass?

When you give up trying to understand and just believe...{John 11:40}   He tells us we will see the glory of God and I want to see the glory. As Ann softly reminds me..If I too, live life fully with open hand... fingers stretching out to others and open to receive every gift of everyday and be the gift.  A living out the living words of Isaiah 58.  Am I to put hands and feet to these words?

A time of consecration...I pray for belief to see the believe that HE still does do wonders and He desires to delight in gifting us with His glory.   Apart from DOING anything just delight.  Everyday and often.  In the the thankfuls...He moves.

In the pausing there is oneness that I'm not sure I want to let go is a time of processing all that He is is enjoying time with Him and thanking Him for everything..deliberately.  I have put my foot in the water and the waters have been cut off.  I am walking on dry ground. I'm journeying into a new land.  Joshua 3:13

This Monday...I'm no longer frozen fearful on the edge of the Jordan.  I am following after the Priest because I've never been this way before. I lay down my trying to understand, creating my own way, conforming to what others think I should or should not do, unbelief, ungratefulness and I pick up believing, only going where you are going, knowing who I am and if that means going it humbly alone...I will, delight, thankfulness and letting go and living open before the face of the only ONE I have to do business with at the end.

He is ready to dispossess the enemies...we all have enemies...One enemy and on Day 3  I was reminded that the lintels of my heart are painted blood red and the destroyer passes over and cannot enter into this soul place to wrack ruin and death  { Day 3 trail to the tree } and my heart sang  soaring to believe this truth.   What courage this gave me to continue walking along the dry ground of the Jordan while the Lord of all the earth is crossing over ahead of me.

I am still in a state of soul shock but He gave me two of the best gifts I've ever had.  One on Friday and one on Saturday.  I can't speak them yet.  I am treasuring them in my heart.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I am full!

This Monday where do you find yourself as your hand is shielding the sun as it rises over the Jordan river?  won't you come with me to bend the knee this morning?

I want to thank each one of you who pray for me and encourage me with your word...I dearly treasure all of this more than you will ever know.  I treasure you.  I am going to catch up on emails..and we did get to go to the Farmer's Market and enjoy the 85 degree day!

waiting for the song of morning,




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