Dear Monday...inhabit me...

Inhabit me .. inhabit me the ticking of a clock... beat these words as I fumble to push through yet another morning awakened by the pulsating pain like a searing in my heart as the cycle of human flesh is to always seek their own way. Only to find a the beggar waiting for a morsel of bread I come full faced before my Father...reminding Him of Psalm 22:3 that tells me He inhabits the praises of His through inward groaning that can't be seen with the naked eye my heart asks of Him and I I cook inhabit, as I clean inhabit, as I grieve inhabit, as I laugh inhabit, as I  write inhabit, when I have nothing left....inhabit...we cry inhabit us.

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speak to me from the heart of the you did the children of Israel.  Give me understanding as to what this means.  Speak to these women who are in a multitude of circumstances so alike and so very different from my own.  Unite us in common praise so we may be inhabited by You.

we can't choose what comes

True praise is unconditional. It's not an attempt

to manipulate God into producing the precise

results we hope for.  Instead, it helps us accept our

situation as it is, whether or not He changes it.

Continued praise helps us reach the place where we

can say, " Father, I don't want You to remove this

problem until You've done all You want to do

through it, in me and in others.

for this moment in eternity I breathe out praise...not understanding it but believing...and in so you breathe in the glory of God.





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