any advice on moving?

I would love some H E L P I want to share just enough with my friends because the weeks and months ahead are going to be rocky and I know I will want and need support to stay strong and choose health and not dysfunction. Healthy support. My husband and I are separating at the end of May.  I don't want the focus to be on that but just so you might know where things are coming from in the next months.

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I know it's Sunday ya'll and I usually don't post much but I am becoming dangerously overwhelmed at getting this house ready to move.

We are going from a 4 bedroom home to two bedroom.  Major downsize yes?

Does anyone have some helpful ideas that you might have used when you moved?

A check list for me from now until the end of May maybe?:)

I would covet some prayer also for a little cottage business I am trying to start at the same time.

OK...I am looking forward to lots good suggestions to get me going...I will start with thanksgiving...

all my girls standing in a circle with me...I have some God miracles to share from these women praying for me and the kids!

Happy Sunday~