word women sign giveaway


I've S L O W L Y been working on signs. words actually.  I was inspired by Tara and her Family Rules Sign.  I feel so strongly about words and the power they have over us.  I've got more but I wanted to offer this one as a giveaway tomorrow on our Word Women Wednesday...to one of you. My friends.  Fellow Word Women.

and here are the purple tulips that I have been enjoying....


and here is " my version " of the Family Rules sign. When I look at the words my heart is reminded of their meaning and I smile.


Come back tomorrow and visit for a chance to enter for the Word women sign and sit a spell with Lissa @ Humble Pie. I highly encourage you to read her post from today.  It is SO true! I feel this way myself.  You can get so wrapped around this blogging thing that you are not living life anymore. Please...go read it. See you tomorrow:)


Sharing over at Jen's with the Soli Deo Gloria Sisters...hope to see you there:)

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