what to do when you don't feel pretty?

  I got my hair colored and I had long side bangs cut in...yikes!

before the  " moon face " comes picture.  When your on long term steroids your face turns round... Grace took this for me yesterday for me to capture my subtle " bangs"....

here is Grace..


The gray showing 3/4 in when my hair was pulled back and then a week or so ago... thinking I had something white in my hair ...and it was gray ...well enough said!  some of you get what I'm saying:)

I always color my hair..the darker I've gone.. the quicker the gray shows...ugh!   This time of year, with the fluctuating cold and warm weather, school almost out, summer just teasing us...I wanted a fun change. While I dont' make big decisions with my hair lightly .. today I did.  and I like it.  I wanted to give myself the gift of change today..to make myself feel prettier when I don't " feel " that way right now.

What I  really need to get done is my eyebrows!  I usually maintain them myself but after being sick for several weeks and then the hospital I came home and looked in the mirror and thought...holy cow!  so I might be doing that today:)

The kids and I are ready to embark on a journey...kinda like our old friend Abram.  Remember? In Genesis 11 and on God called him and instead of going to Canaan he settled in Ur?  well..my story has come full circle 3 times...I am thinking obedience is not my forte and that it is in the

belief - not the understanding

and I am one who always has to understand...

moral of the story? go do something to make you feel pretty today...maybe a new cut or color?  or go to Victorias secret and grab a bra & panties...just sayin;)

XO & Happy Weekend,