how can we live whole-souled?

Whole -Souled

moved by ardent enthusiasm or single-minded devotion to finding ME...authentically.

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whole-souled-ness : that which makes a person who they distinctly are. This would include our sense of identity,

but also what makes up our identity, most especially what arouses our emotions,

or awakens our spiritual or moral force and sense of destiny or purpose. Soul is where our freedom is rooted.

I trying to put this in a way so it is easily understood and not getting into deep theological meanings etc for what I am learning.

whole-souled is the whole of what makes up the entity called 'me'

A little list below...for me and for you. A list that helps me think of what whole-souled-ness is.  Adding to that some ideas of what I can start praying about doing. Print it out if your a glue stick, crayon and marker kinda girl...I am.

Just speaking for me here...My relationship to Jesus is central and all else flows out from there.  For you it maybe something different.  In my journey I will refer to God.  To put it in a little nutshell it would go something like this


It is more than just knowing about God ( or your faith ) it is about us.. in progression to be becoming all He destined us to be and everything, every choice in life...adds to this progression.  Not takes away from that.


what does whole-souled-ness look are some of mine

**not fearing yourself..embrace yourself

**whole-souled-ness often comes out of pain, loss or being shattered

**a desire to be..whole

**Whole-souled-ness is not about  being a people pleaser...this is between you and Him

**We are designed with a unique God given gifts that He puts there for a purpose

**taking real time to draw out a map, taking notes, digging, real listening ( which real listening does involve action )

**baring your soul...getting naked ( I had to say it ) all parts of your soul to the One who safely holds it

**whole-souled-ness  is letting in this world..our control..our perfecting..because these things may   change as we grow in whole-souled-ness

**stop choosing things that take life from you that you hate..choose to replace with things that bring YOU wholeness.   Undoubtedly, some things we may not be able to change.  Change what you can control.

**this wholesouled journey involves simplicity..the choice to live simply so we can come when He calls...go when what you love in the moments of each day

**having time for you family friends and those on the journey alongside us

**clothes, home decor, smell, food, entertainment you do with your time adds to or takes away from becoming whole-souled-ness

**whole souled is ALL of who you are...becoming. Whole-souled-ness is the whole of what makes up the entity called 'me'


This week sit with yourself...naked...ok I'm laughing:) And grab a candle, pen and paper, music, hot tea/coffee whatever...carve yourself out a little you area.  This will be your go to heart art place for your creative juices to start flowin.   Go ahead and start your list.    I would love for you to email it to me or link it up in a blog post to one of our www's. Or keep it tucked away for the day when your ready to put your foot into the water.

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Moving into whole-souled-ness with a single minded enthusiasm...maybe the after glow of sitting with the One who created me and for the first REAL time listening to Him..and believing Him. I desire what He wants for me...and for you.

Whole-souled-ness will look utterly different on each one of do you imagine your wholeness? will it require a total makeover or are you on your way already?  what was the moment when you first were aware that you have a one of a kind purpose here and you stepped into that purpose?  what changes did you make as a result?  Do you have a list you would like to share?

because when you and I step into WHO we were destined to be...something rights itself.  Life speaks into you.




Come be a part of the whole-souled-ness of beautiful word women will you? Soli Del Gloria @ Jen's Finding Heaven.

Finding Heaven

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