hairballs and easter

yesterday I picked my acrylic off my nails..I'm going without that little indulgence for awhile.  For me - right is unnecessary. Simplify..yes Father

I've been in what I slept in all day.  I think on Him often today..a  " I love you" here and " help me " there.

I cleaned out my 16 year old son's room and retrieved 3 trash bags of Dr. Pepper cans he has been " collecting" for a tower.

then went to vacuum his newly cleaned room by me...and the vacuum was clogged.  With guess what?  tons of dog hair...way yuck! but the room is clean and the sheets smell good... thank you for the strength to clean.

moved my desk around and opened the window beside is almost 70 here today!   thank you for warm weather.

did lots of laundry...spent time outside with Him today ( do you ever do that...sit with Him outside?) Sitting in the sun watching Bella and Grace play...hearing the airplane high in the sky.  Thank you for the hearing.

I made some Annie's mac & cheese for lunch and watched a little Ina Garten...{ her Big Breakfast link;)  confession:  we caved and got the next step up...from basic cable.  I was momentarily happy watching Food Network...I know....sad.


I am inspired to have an Easter " Big Breakfast ". I thought it was time for the family to get together again and I want to cook!

Are thinking of getting your family together for Easter?  I know it is early still... If so - what are you thinking for food?  Ideas:)  Sometimes life gets well...consumed.  Today...I just unraveled a little...because He is there for us in the tiniest ways...nothing is to small to enjoy with Him.

There may come a day when we are less and less able to participate in life and we find ourselves mostly just today  in whatever capacity you are able.  Remember with me how much we are treasured.






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Wasn't yesterday just a blessing? How I pray so many hurting hearts that think they are all alone would be moved to know they are not alone.


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