** Just an FYI**

Since arriving home yesterday evening I've hit a wall. I have been on iv steriods, antibiotics and strong pain meds and those were taken out yesterday before I left.  I awoke in the early morning to feeling very sick and in pain again.  I do have pain meds, antibiotics, and pain meds among other things by mouth... they just aren't as strong.  I think I had a false sense of feeling so good in the hospital due to the medicine they had me on.  I have been sleeping most of the morning and will get around to Soli Del Gloria girls throughout the day.  WWW will be live tonight around 8:30 central.  And I will be posting the winner of the Word woman sign soon. Things are just a little crazy here but I haven't forgotten.

God is a God who answers prayer.  I value each of your prayers on my behalf.  I can really sense His precense around me.  There is so much more to this story than just me being sick.  It is making it harder but He is God and He is my God and I will forever praise Him...xo Tiff