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each person's life is lived as a series of conversations Deborah Tannen


"A day"  in an ordinary grace filled life of one.... Tiffini

I woke at 4:30 to think I may just die...I'm sick.  when your sick does everything seem magnified? I notice the dog hair everywhere a little more...my feet need some major help...a pedicure maybe?  I stink..my hair feels extra dirty..I don't feel like brushing my teeth. Haven't worked out in a week...only eating carbs...this is not so bad:)..chest and lymph nodes are hurting and I roll back over until the alarm wakes me at 6:30 to which I answer...coffee.  Hot liquid + sore throat = thank Jesus for coffee right?

I go to the Dr on Thursday SO...take some medicine and get the kids off to school and instead of allowing myself to get all embroiled over how miserable I am...I answer this invitation to take

A whole day to do NOTHING ( insert sick happy dance ) So my day consisted of quiet music playing in the background..my laptop..a big bottle of Gatorade...frost riptide rush:)...a big bowl of Annie's Macaroni and cheese for lunch... a nap...ok I did manage to jump in the tub for a bath..the dog hair... well...it is what it is but ... I am loving my quiet sick day.  When sickness causes us to be grateful for downtime.

Now it is your turn:) Can't wait to see and hear what you have to share.  love you all...I pray we BELIEVE we are worthy of love and belonging...anything else is a lie:)



Just link up your exact URL to the post you wish to share. I am looking so forward to visiting each of you:)  If you have time...stop and share conversation and love to others.  Oh - don't forget to receive the conversation and love;)

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