I hate hotdogs

I HATE hot dogs!

so much so that when I was little...at the sitter's...I snuck the ends of the

hot dogs in the plant that sat on the table.  To this day I have trouble eating the ends.

that being said...these are delish...

Super Bowl Series: Oven Baked Turkey Chili Cheese Dogs

Click here for these Oven Baked Turkey Chili Cheese Hot Dogs.   I appreciate this healthier version.  It MIGHT just make me eat a hot dog

every once in awhile;)

you have got to try this one!

FYI - put in more filling than it says to though. Next time I will put 2 cans of chili and more of all else.  Just try it once and you can adjust to your preference.

The hot dogs I  used  are only 40 calories compared to 120 in regular hot dogs.  With that being said go to the grocery store and make a treat your whole family will love you for...

see ya on "Dear Monday"...savor your weekend & enjoy a hot dog will you:)?...xoxo


We also have Brooke McGlothlin sharing  her heart with us on Word women Wednesday next week.  I will be giving away 2 of her prayer warrior ebooks...so be watching for more information.  I would love to join Brooke and her share her book.  would you join us?