Happy Birthday Nikki

I don't think my heart can pen the words that i want you to hear

words that are meant for you heart and not your head...

you have walked miles in my shoes ... you have chosen respect and honor

you...the first child knitted especially for me...i think back 25

years today..a different time ... a different place

looking into your clear blue eyes all swollen from your journey

your eyes looked to me for love and my heart was wrung out trying to

give it to you...

I named you your given name...i know this about you though...you have a

Secret name...a name He has given you and I pray you find it and live it

for you see I carried you into this life and He will carry you from now on

and He has plans for you that are beyond your wildest dreams...for you see

you are

beautiful...inside and out ( i am not saying that cause I'm your momma!)

I pray you go to those places hidden...listen for the whispering of YOUR journey

life is so much more than doing and getting

you were given for a purpose...to be the absolute best that God made

He wants you to know your purpose

I will support and encourage you in any way I can...from the moment I felt you move inside me

I longed for all your dreams to come true...I craved your happiness

You are right there at the beginning of the rest of your life

everything that is past is for your learning and purpose

offer it all up to Him and with open arms and freedom go forward

the prayers that have been whispered over you for years are sent out into eternity

and will not come back void

my girl...my first...given to me in my younger age:)  given to each other on this earth for a short time

but to spend all of eternity together...that is precious:)  we have that gift with each other you know?


we have the same Father

the sacred gift I give you today is spirit...believe truth...not lies

believe His love for you and live in that love every single day...there is so much more in life than

all of this...search for it with ALL your heart...and don't settle

I love you this day...our birthday...I did have you 100% drug free;)

I celebrate YOU...you are beautifully and wonderfully made...

into eternity~


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