The Lord willing I will be ready to share my new heart direction with you next week. I am bursting to share it!


Guess who is doing Meatless Mondays now? NO - not me...Cooking with my Kid! I just love her & the kid!  Monday should be her first post.  I am beyond excited.  over food...I know.  I think about it 24/7.  Sad but true.


I found this chalkboard menu @ Finding Fabulous that I think would be a fun addition to my kitchen.   I've made several myself and a chalkboard border in my eat in kitchen you can check out here. What a cute way to share your menu for the week yes? Notice she has Wendy's/Subway?  I would replace with Siki ( sushi), Chipotle or Chikfila ( if I HAD to do a drive thru).




over the last 2 weeks or so I have fallen in love...with Sushi. Before I brag to much I must confess I'm a wanna be.  My plan is to work my way up.  It is not the raw fish - it is the nori.  The taste of the seaweed that makes my throw up reflex coil.

I am so in love with soy paper wrapped around cucumber or avocado... THEN - I will work up to the raw fish in the soy papers.

oohh..the Edamame.  I have Grace hooked on it now.  Steamed w/ salt.  I am blogging while Grace is in dance and I am thinking I may just sneak down to Siki and grab some.  My sister Amber tells me it is liberating to sit at the bar alone.  Me - not so much.  Not there YET.  Soon:)


Have you ever craved food so bad you had to eat it for the next two weeks or something?  I know I am not the only one:)

Praying extravagant crazy grace over each one of  you this weekend