Food & Family Fridays

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Our Goals - bits & pieces

Fridays will be Food Dabbling day.  I will share foot/health related blogs I find helpful in rebuilding family health. I will hare stories about our journey toward living more simply ... on a budget.  My recipes and fitness with a focus on FIT not crazy skinny to look like " all the TV women".  This is such a big part of my life right now that I have to give one day to it.

Our month is up and in an effort to continue pursuing a balanced. affordable. whole.  REAL food diet for our family we are dabbling in vegan-ism ..or more plant based diet these next two weeks.

Last month we agreed to consume less not eat cook more whole REAL less prepackaged foods...drink more water...and my 30 day no sugar challenge.


Here is what we've learned so far:

We will keep not eating out.  We feel better when we don't. We all have agreed we feel healthier, more alert, more active and lighter when we don't eat out as often.  This one sticks. We will be cooking most of our meals.  I'm not sure it is cheaper though.  Unfortunately -you can eat fake food at Taco Bell for 5.0o for a whole bag of eeww!

We are being forced to choose cheap fake food to feed our families over more expensive food that is REAL! We are having to give up some things in order to buy better groceries.

When we do eat out we pretty much all agree to eat Chipotle, Chik-fila, Olive Garden...salads:) or Chinese ( not the deep fried stuff )

We will continue learning to cook real food.

We downgraded to the most basic cable....about 15 channels...and yes the kids are still alive:)  It is a start!

I will not deny myself sugar again ... why?  I ate way more when I started than I would have just eating my snack size ziploc of chocolate chips!  I am choosing balance.  It works better...for me:)

I'm dabbling because I am trying to find a happy balance of healthy eating. I really believe we have to teach our kids what that is.  Educate them and ourselves about what we are putting in our bodies. We can't believe everything the media is telling us.  We have to take responsibility for what is happening to our food system.  Our children are going to suffer the consequences of our selfishness. I want to give them that skill to be able to understand that what they put in their bodies is to fuel it for life...for living.

I want them to understand the difference between fit and healthy and skinny and sick.  Especially for my daughter.  For myself.

Here is my favorite blog this week.  Love & Olive Oil is a beautiful blog.  Beautiful Food. Eye candy food!  Especially love their sweets! Worth a few minutes of your time to go peruse.

Love and Olive Oil - All good things are made in the kitchen.

Cookie Dough Cream Pie

{Cookie Dough Cream Pie}

{Rainbow Cake}

Cinnamon Chocolate Churro Cupcakes

{Cinnamon Chocolate Churro Cupcakes}

I have to keep our menus really simple and cost effective. and rotating.  I'm working on those to share soon

A reminder to me this weekend to make time for EACH OTHER!

Make Lasting MEMORIES with you family!

What am I doing this weekend you ask?

Celebrating my oldest daughter ( Grace is hooked to her hip :) - she turns 25!  Pictures on Monday:)

Unplug the Xbox and step away from the remote control. It's time to embrace old-fashioned family bonding with a modern twist.

Sharing this with Michelle @ Lost in the Prairies

Happy Friday:)