Word women wednesdays & LinkUp

Meet my friend Amy over @ Amy Sullivan...what consumes you? She makes me laugh with almost every email..I just love her..I see her as my teacher in some way..what more can I say?  Her heart is gripped by God to write...I love that about her and I pray her words seep into your soul...deep down.

Tiffini challenged us; What keeps you captive in your own mess? Tough question, but I immediately knew the answer.

See, my mess doesn’t look like this.

My mess looks more like this.

My room of captivity? Perfectionism. Perfectionism and performance.

I can give you a laundry list of reasons why my self-worth is tightly coupled to these ugly words, but shiny people don’t list the origin of our flaws, and we certainly do not wallow in them.

I’m sorry to hear about your problems. Head up, shoulders back. Brush it off and march on.  The ground may shake and the walls crash, but when the dust clears, you need to be standing, and preferably with a smile.

At times, being a perfectionist serves me well. I succeed, often, and that feels amazing.

The not-so-great part? I can’t stop trying to prove myself, and that feels sickening.

And here’s the real downer, friends—you can’t be a perfect writer, ever.

Do you know how many times I’ve reread a submission, post, comment, or email only to find it full of errors? Um, countless times.

Any idea what I want to do about these simple mistakes I’ve made? If you guessed smash a coffee cup into the computer screen, you guessed correctly.

Writing is full of mistakes and rejection, and I’m not talking about the kind of rejection that comes in a stamped envelope or a “maybe next time” email, I’m talking about the kind of rejection that comes from friends and family. Yep, the kind of rejection that comes from people not understanding what you are doing, or the kind of rejection that comes from blaring silence.

So why would God, who knows perfectionism is my issue, give me the insatiable desire to write? Writing, a calling that demands I deal with my flaws, daily; a calling that allows people to deem me less-than perfect, often.

The obvious answer? Because perfectionism is my issue, and that sickening feeling that propels me, will also haunt me until I learn my worth isn’t tied to what I achieve, publish, or accomplish, but my worth is found Him.

I must grasp tightly to what I know to be true—

I don’t have to be shiny. I can be flawed. Achievement doesn’t equal worth. I don’t earn more love based on more accomplishments. My value isn’t in thoughts scribbled across blank pages. My true worth is with Him, and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t care about a few grammatical errors.


Amy - I am STILL trying to wrap my head around YOUR question

why would God, who knows perfectionism is my issue, give me the insatiable desire to write???

You took a HUGE area of captivity and just put it in a nice little package...easy to open and turn over and over...thank you.  I wish I could reach out and just hug you!

Go visit this girl...she lets her daughter Amelia guest post every now..under My Girls View and she is a DOLL!  Amy's destination is GRATEFUL GIVING.


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