what’s this about jumping naked?

Hello Word - women. Welcome to 2011- my hope for you today is you be FILLED FULL with His expectancy..living today with your soul naked, bare, risking, transparent and vulnerable.  Scary right?  maybe that is why my word for 2011 found me.

words I chose were release / letting go .  Either word seemed expected even appropriate.

What I FELT the second it found me was like a woman knowing the right wedding dress, buying a house and it being the right one, when your first see your baby born

...that depth of knowing and it stirred me deep to tears.

I believe it was hand-picked for me this year.  In this months issue of Whole Living to be exact

Here is what it said.....

{ make this your year of...} living fearlessly

and it went on to say.....don't let anything stop you from taking the plunge

and I/we jumped naked off the cliff.

nothing left from the last year, no baggage, arms high up in the air and laughing on the way down...expectant!  totally bare and vulnerable to the Spirits stirrings.

While all us grown ups know there is but brief moments of this state of being...after all there are giants we will face in the coming year.  That being said - I have my word.  I have THE WORD. FEARLESSLY- to remind me everytime a giant rears its ugly head.  All it takes is a rock and a slingshot right?:)  To confront the fear giant and ask --why I am afraid of you?.  Then - examine that giant more closely.  I think of Holly's post here. I open the door anyway acknowledging the fact that I am afraid but it doesn't stop me from LIVING and BEING and CHANGING and GROWING anymore!

What word found you?  Do you have a word for this year?

When you think of naked jumping what do you think of?  (trying not to make it something it's not...lol)

" the world is round and the place which may seem like the end

may also be only the beginning."

Ivy Baker Priest

Here I am.and there are others.and we jumped...naked from the cliff of 2011.  and what a year it will be to look back on

Fearlessly trusting....T

a special thanks to Amy{ aka A } for helping me find my signature...lol  It stuck!

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UPCOMING Naked moments:)

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NO IMPACT CHALLENGE begins tomorrow January 2, 2011....just a teensy bit nervous about it. Posting on the " guidelines " tomorrow