Swedish cottage:don't fight it-just pack your bags!

The other day Blomsterverkstad ... or Minna... posted this little cottage and my heart was captivated.  I have dreamed for years to get away to some enchanted...fairytale place...where your dreams and God dreams mesh. Now - I think I would love to have a few WORD-women come along.  I think it would be trip of a lifetime. I don't think we would come back the same women...I picture a retreat of some kind.  The purpose being to reconnect with our authentic selves that the world and flesh and time has taken from us.

Here's the enchanting little place...adorable right?:)

Here is her blog...just click on picture to take you there..She is so endearing you just want to keep perusing.  I then proceeded to the blogs she followed and was raptured. Anyone else think this about Swedish blogs? They are delicious...one of my new favorite things.  Admittedly, I'm new to the blog world so I am sure most of you have already been there, done that right?  That's OK:)


Ok - back to the cottage...

Here is the vision

We are arriving..just us girls..with NOTHING to do but enjoy each and every moment of everyday.

I think we may even have a maid and a chef.  { that only cooks whole, minimumilly processed, fresh from the garden food of course }

Every little indulgence is taken care of.  NO HURRY here this week.

No car pools, no dance class, no cooking , no changing diapers, putting the toilet seat down before sitting ,

no getting out of our pj's, the hottest, freshest coffee served on trays brimming with ripe fresh fruits.....


time ... to ask the questions that are in our hearts

be open

time to look at your self in the mirror and see who you have become...and is it what you thought it would be or not?

time to reconnect with who you dreamed you would be ... years ago...

to listen...really listen...can you hear it?  He's calling...the time IS COMING friends...things are changing.  God is moving...will you follow?

time to reflect over the last year and resolve once and for all...to let all that go...only taking the the treasures...to quit listening to the world

turn away and turn to the ONLY ONE who has ever loved you perfectly...

time to connect with other soul sisters who only want the absolute best for you ... God's best for each other.

No hidden agendas.  100% authentic.  No manipulation.  No jealousy.  No game playing.

Just real souls who LONG for more...for themselves...for each other... and their families.

What do you think....wanna go?

You can rent this summer house in Sweden...I'm living in my dream world today.

I shyly admit I live here once in awhile.  I remember watching Oprah when she interviewed Tyler Perry.

He was severely abused and he would go to " a place" when things would happen...in his mind.  I'm sure not so healthy but for some that is the way you deal with such pain.

I know it is not real but I REFUSE to believe it couln't happen someday!

P.S.  Do you think I could bring these shoes too? They just came out at Anthropologie...I have NEVER bought a pair of shoes from here before have you?

A girl can dream though...right;)

And I'm wearing this on the plane:)

Humor is good...I'm laughing at myself with this post but I had fun and that is what matters.  Laughter, daydreaming, releasing our  hold on the possibility...it's all good.

once in awhile...do you ever daydream?

Taupe-Tied BootiesTop-Drawer Lace-UpsCorn Lane Slingbacks




a warm thankyou to all of you who shared yesterday.   a heart felt thank you to Jen and Craig...:)


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