stripped an altar

I didn’t ask the Lord to make me a prayer warrior.  But five years of a painful stripping, letting the facade of control slip away, has brought me to my knees…Brooke McGlothlin

and the LORD said to him, " Peace to you, do not fear; you shall not die."  Then Gideon built an altar there to the LORD and named it The LORD is Peace...Judges 6:23-24

week twenty-six


all taken that I can trust

turning - tried- confined

can't go to the right or the left

caged..frantically crying


for love...someone

placate for so long

fades....hunger again returns

it pursues me relentlessly

eating away last resolve

DIG DEEPER...I muster




trust self-survival


hand out..flat on ground

drained emptied

replacing - a knowing

" your not done yet"

roll over   curled up


LOVE swoops down

wrapping in folds of silk

breath in the smell of

ABBA...I hear for the first time


you are beautiful

you are strong

I have found you love

everything you've searched for all your life


I saw this day from the moment I conceived your heart

knit together for THIS PURPOSE

He wrapped my

STRIPPED and naked



stopped striving once for all


throughout the Old Testament man built altars after encounters with God


I now have an altar jar.  My mother in law gave it to me for Christmas and I am using it for holding all of the things God is speaking to me this year of jumping naked.  Quotes, scriptures, memories, fortune cookies " fortunes" :) , articles....anything that speaks to me.

it is a memorial for 2011 for me to look over at the end of the year

Photo Credit : My Cakies


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This moved my heart - Why I pray...Brooke McGlothlin


30 Day Challenge Update - almost there!  Day 24 and I cheated last night!  We ate out or IN I should say.  Chinese..I was tired and feeling yuck so it is what it is.  Guess what?  the whole world didn't fall apart:)  I got up this morning and spent 30 minutes wogging walk/jog combo and did my ab work.  Good enough for one day I say!

How are the 30 days going in your little world.  I was reading Jen's update last night and she is having some breakthrough's :)  I am sure we will come out of this a little wiser and more " pruned ".


Word Women Wednesday is tomorrow so be on the lookout for one of the sweetest blogs on the block and she doesn't even know it:)

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