still jumping naked on Saturday

Jumping Naked...fearlessly into life this year..OK - I did say that.  I do want that.  Deliverance is a prayer.  SO - why do I keep trying to hold the pieces of my dream together. Why is change so HARD?  It is that very power that is going to reveal to us...ourself.  Is it in the sorrow..the breathing in of the falling apart  ... that the courage to move out of...and into the skin of uncomfortable..where our authentic self can begin to emerge?

I can continue to stand on the edge and watch , count and vacillate with this... but today... I am going to surrender my heart to my Daddy... and trust the same God that Abraham, Isaac , Jacob, Nehemiah, Isaiah & Habakkuk trusted.  

for from old they have not heard or perceived by ear, neither has the eye seen a God besides Thee WHO ACTS on behalf of those who wait on Him  { Isaiah 64:4 }  I LOVE that part...He ACTS!

that His plan for me has nothing to do with me watching the days go by or my trying to keep the peace..where there really is none. That His plan for me is so big and beautiful that to get through the hard part.. the uncomforable.. is where He is inviting me to be...that is where I will be transformed.  That is where He will teach me that my insecurity is a lie. I have to chose to believe this.  I have to.

The scariest thing for me is watching the hurting that will happen, how will He take care of us, and have I been in His way all these years and kept Him from doing His best work yet?

Can I claim something? I'm not really a name it and claim it person but in this case I think it might be ok?

Can I claim that someday me and my kids will be dancing among the ruins?

Today I am lifting up my voice and crying...I invite YOU Father to make it all new...

God never uses anybody to a large degree, until after He breaks that one all to pieces.

The Heavenly Life

still jumping naked...on are you jumping today?