praying pictures for your children

I'm happy your here:) whew!  Life can be tiring can't it?  are you up to your eyeballs in life?  I know.  Stop right now & breathe that's it...simple:)

How do you pray for your children?  maybe at church?  when they get sick...or maybe frightened of the dark?  Before they head out to drive at 16?  If they are searching for a job...having money trouble... and so forth

that is most of us isn't it?  Me too.  Remember when I said I left something and I am going back to get it here?  This was one thing I left back there

Praying for my children ... daily ... as I go through my day...communing talking  He always is there to listen:)

this is how I tend to talk with Father about them...

I do it first thing - I breathe

:::I picked this book back up

when my heart is in such pain I can't find my words...this helps

:::I pray His words back to Him .... for them.

His words are alive words...they breathe too...did you know that?

Grace draws me pictures...often.  It reminded me of what I do when I pray for my children.  In my mind I am drawing word prayers.  Pictures of what my heart breathes for them.  A word prayer.   I have lots of word prayers written over the years.  Words that will not come back void and words that live on long after I'm gone.  Wonder who prayed word pictures for me when I was a child?  Wonder if anyone did?  Wonder if I look like any of those pictures?

You see - our prayers are our heart breathed out into words..sometimes audibly ..sometimes not.  The words do not hinge on us to carry them out. He then takes those heart words of breath and cups them in His Spirit hand and holds them ...coloring all of eternity with them.  The prayers are SAFE.

:::How or What word pictures are you praying for your children? Doesn't matter if it is scribbles or colored outside the lines.  Each is unique.  What matters is that we pick up the breath... and breathe.

our prayers help

Please click for a printable copy of Amy Carmicheal's prayer for children.  I have this taped in my Bible.  I find it beautiful.



They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit.

Jeremiah 17:8

I can see them now...majestic on their banks!  each tree a different set of is in full bloom!  my children...I long into eternity...waiting to welcome

they NEVER stop producing eternal fruit

in His name...

Need Prayer..praying for you by name @ Brooke McGlothlin


30 Day Challenge

Day 4 thoughts - thanks for the banana and supplement ideas!:)  I am feeling a little depressed ... maybe lack of sweets?  I have a really fun super easy banana ice cream recipe that is all natural that I will share tomorrow.  { here in the challenge area }  Grace LOVES it and it replaces her " sweet " before bed. OK, she begs me for it!  I skipped workout yesterday.  Feeling yuck.  Plan for today is going for my 5 mi. walk.  We'll see.  It is FRIGID here.

How are you all doing?  I heard there was a serious competition going on between husband and wife?;)

**everything is going to work out....keep the faith**