is it ok to copy?

Ok..a long awaited "home decor" project...I was just wondering if you could have a blog outside of home decor...wink.wink I dream of this...@ City Cottage

love the wallpaper...sigh!    the pillowcases...the mismatched drawer pulls...

a momma must come back to reality:)

I am finally able to focus on Grace's room... after the paint and trim.  Here is what her room looks like now.

I don't know what the heck I am doing...I'm sure not going to fake it!  I can't design anything without having inspiration from someone else.  OK - I have to copy...I said it!  Is that OK?  Thank you -Thank you girls for sharing your love of design with the world...  Us girls who don't have this gift...wouldn't know what to do:)

We just sit here day in and day out and ooohhh and aaawww over your amazing houses full of beauty:)

I'm not jealous...really I'm not.  Envious perhaps:) all work hard and deserve those beautiful things.  I'm really happy

for you.  It gives me something to dream about:):)

But seriously - just on a whim the other day I asked Grace if she would draw me a picture of what she wanted her bed to look like.

and SHE did!

Her dad won 500 from Home Depot so he was able to get her wood...yippee!!

SHE designed her headboard..and gave us instructions for her bed to be higher and she wanted steps.

Her wish is our command of course...not really...but she is the baby of five children.

MY question is:  what color to paint it...the bed?

I've included some picture inspirations to help YOU help ME!

white...the color of her bottom walls


a muted color and distress the heck out of it?

{I am loving the calming purple and the crocheted sham...


pick a color out of the material I will use in the sheet curtains..and just lightly distress it?

I am using Meg's curtain how "easy"  AND cheap { 4.00 each } { that is only 16.00 for the curtains! }  Certainly doable for the budget.

I went to Wal-Mart today to buy the twin sheets and they had ONE left. Ugh!! did everyone run and buy sheets for Meg's curtains I asked??

I found Meg's blog Whatever from The Lettered Cottage's my favorite room redo's...

Now - I am in love with Meg's love for color! is so bright and fresh...airy!

You will not be disappointed in visiting any of these women...promise.  You will come away inspired, encouraged and will have laughed a bit too:)


Also from Layla's same post I also simultaneously fell in love with Ashley @ Under the Sycamore Tree. OK ya'll -I really am NEW to blogging.  So while you all already know about these women...I don't.  I'm learning AND since I am not very creative on my own...I have to copy to get started:) Grace loved the tissue flowers and such hanging from her daughter's room.

Truly, I do not know how you girls can put such beauty amazes me.

My friend Lisa suggested I paint the ceiling with the color on her wall. Grace LOVED that idea.  As soon as we know our position on this house I will paint away...and tear the carpet out!  I HATE  that carpet.  Keeping our fingers crossed.

I am also making her duvet from Meg's instructions. Not sure what we are doing with lighting.  I know we are painting the chandelier we have in there...we are recovering a chair and making pillows.  That is what I will be spending the next week or so on.

She also had dad build her a " corner " desk!  I don't know where she comes up with these ideas...not from me anyway.

We have some other cute ideas...can't wait to finish it and share with you the finished product.

Could I just take you shopping with me? Since we are choosing to only buy new when absolutely necessary.... I am going to do her room all from recycled and thrift store finds. { Except for the curtains and sheets }

guess that is it for now...

fearlessly...or not



30 Day Challenge { weekend edition }

I have come very close to cheating!  We went to Whole Foods and they had cookies in the case and I wanted it BAD...I chose a cup of fresh fruit.  Just NOT the SAME!

I didn't exercise this! is a new day and I am doing 5 days in a row of exercise...anybody want commit to 5 days this week to encourage each other??

My mom asked me this over the weekend - I cut out all cookies, cakes, sweets of any kind.  Chocolate favs!  There are some sugars in the things I my Chobani Greek yogurt.  That kind of thing.  It is the sweets that do me one a night.  It is a BAD habit.  I just wanted to

What's up with  you all??  Give it to me!:)