HOW TO make almond/orange laundry soap

Printable Directions Here

Why bother to make your own laundry soap = SAVINGS ACCOUNT = Debt Free...that's all?:)

It's a SIMPLE thing. SAVES money.  Honestly - it kinda puts me in a pioneering spirit.  It DOES NOT take that long.  I'm doing something good for my family, for the environment AND we're saving a little chunk of change.

We're on a mission!  To live with less, to create a way of living that plugs in to things that build up and unplug from things that don't.

My goal with saving money by cutting back on cable, making my own laundry soap { I'm getting ready to try dish washing detergent } and other ways we will be living with less...SIMPLE LIVING;) Is to take all of that extra and put it into savings for things I will determine at a later date.  At this point - I'm not able to do that.  I WILL BE doing that.  BABY STEPS...ugh!  I think I may have touched on an area of captivity... I don not like baby steps:(

REST OF PICS AT BOTTOM OF POST...had trouble with them???:)

I researched

gathered my supplies

"sniffed"  lots of essential oils

and got to grating....those soap flakes were just beautiful to look at.  I had to warn the family that it wasn't cheese...not kidding!:)

Almond-Orange Homemade Laundry Detergent

1 bar Dr. Bronner's Almond Castile soap - grated with a regular ol cheese grater

1 Cup Arm & Hammer washing Soda

½ Cup Borax

Lots of drops orange essential oil


5 gallon bucket ( I used my Kirkland’s bucket )

**I shared some links at the bottom with videos and how to's.  These are what I used.  I thought it silly to video what many already have.

I just washed and dried my first load today!  It works wonderfully.  The clothes smelled nice and clean.  I did use about 3/4 of my scoop instead of 1/2.

I will use 1/2 scoop tomorrow.  I wasn't thinking when I did it today.

You could mix your own creation



and so on.  There are lots of essential oils.  PLUS - Dr. Bronner's Castile soap has 7 different scents of soap @ least at our Nature's Pantry.

Here are some links and videos for further information:)  See below.

@ How to make you own Laundry Soap

@ The Simple Dollar { very good video and pictures }

@ 19 Kids & Counting { lots of other recipes too )

What do you do now?  Go make soap:)  brings back memories of Ma &!

30 Day Challenge

Day One - not over with are you girls doing?  I am doing OK.  I am not asleep yet  so until then...I'm white knuckling.  I ate all of my stash of chocolate chips before today.  I would have been tempted;)    Instead, I'm having a grapefruit with Truvia for my dessert before going to bed.  Trying to keep my mind off of sweets...blogging instead:)

Let me know how your day went tomorrow.  Either email or leave a comment on today's post.  Praying for each of you.

Here is our quote for the day

It is worth all of the sacrifices that you are making right now.  You are doing the best you can, and you are doing such amazing things.

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