does God talk to you when you exercise?

We live in an atmosphere of shame,  We are ashamed of
everything that is real about us; ashamed of ourselves, of
our relatives, of our incomes, of our accents, of our
opinions, of our experience, just as we are ashamed of
our naked skins.
George Bernard Shaw

Good Morning WORD-women sisters....I'm thankful for you today:)  Hope you don't mind me baring a piece of my heart...hoping today you find your VALUE in Him.

run run run run HURDLE  run run run run HURDLE.. grueling.. Insanity's Cardio Conditioning ...and it was in this moment that HE spoke...

I came to my workout this morning filled with dread but I came away broken..does that kinda stuff happen to you?

does God talk to you while you exercise...

Have you ever talked to God in the morning ..more like.. asking Him for something to only forget about it as the day goes on?...almost as if ...He may answer .. He may not.

This morning I prayed and I know I couldn't believe ENOUGH and I couldn't try hard enough so I to asked for God to help my unbelief....I confessed that I struggle with trusting HIM..not for my salvation but for taking care of me..having my best interest at heart...

My new year's word is fearlessly right?

So I talked.. knowing what I asked was as wholehearted and anything I'd known....I be set free...and this is what I prayed

Remove the obstacles out of the way of me and my children Isaiah 57:14..

HE heard me...{ please don't think me prideful } My heart has been caged so long...tears are welling even now.  When it came it sucked the air out of went way back..back to childhood... this obstacle did. He so lovingly prepared my heart to understand what He was wanting me to HEAR and not what I would have heard had I not saw Narnia: the voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Kinda like He gave me a word picture.

Here how it went down ... according to me. My sisters picture popped up on facebook today...she looked usual:)  and I instantly went into self abusive was like I just shrunk.  I tried shrugging it off but a cloud was over me...and this is how I came into my workout time.  Honestly - just mad and I didn't know why.

I have spent my whole life devaluing myself...I look at my sisters and I often feel less than..I don't really know why?  Honestly - I look at lots of others and you? or am I rare? It made sense.  My thoughts drifted to Lucy...looking in the mirror and seeing Susan...and I heard HIS voice saying to me.  Tiffini you are doubting your VALUE. Child - you have never known you've had value!! MY VALUE system IS NOT THIS WORLDS!! Oh His eyes pierced mine and I knew... this was an obstacle He was pleased for me to be set free from!

"from the time we are small, we pick up the signals that will mark us for life--other people's impressions of whether or not we are acceptable, whether or not we're pleasing in their eyes" Sarah Ban Breathnack

YOU have a VALUE here .

It is different for YOU than ANYONE ELSE's...we each have unique GOD VALUE.

YOU were created for MY purpose  .... like Lucy - she found Narnia first..she had her purpose right?

DON'T get that confused with the world's VALUE

HE truly does hear...when I don't sense YOU there ... YOUR heart is so many wonderful things happening all around me and  yet I feel as though my life is shattering..I'm holding on...still breathing as you allow me to see YOUR goodness in the land of the more day obstacle is a journey..grateful ... it is my journey.  Are others on a journey similar I wonder?

I have NEVER heard God speak audibly but if I could I think I would want it to sound like Aslan's.

When you look at yourself  in the mirror who do you see?



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